23 December 2011

Christmas Rush 2011

Went to the city on Wednesday, it was a date with my daughters and a good friend, Nazrin. Wednesday nights are always a most awaited time, especially that the Suzuki Night Market is on (just for the summer season). So off I went after work, took the tram and landed on Flinders St. Station, the meeting place is usually at Elizabeth Street tram stop that will bring us to Victoria Market. So, while waiting for everyone else to arrive, I took this shot which tells us how busy it was at the city, this is the first time that i had seen that huge christmas greeting on the walls of Flinders Station:-)  Oh, I just could not wait to have a walk around the city and look at the christmas decors, I have noticed that the council has actually made it more special this year....I cannot wait to take those photos and blog about them!  Merry Christmas one and all!!!

Below is Naz, I had to wait a while just to have a photo of her and when I was ready, this lady came into the frame out-of-nowhere, and my, doesn't she look fashionable? Her outfit seems to match what Naz was wearing!!!

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