3 December 2011

Losing a most cherished possession - my camera

Yesterday was one of my saddest days, I have lost my camera bag with my precious Canon DSLR and four lenses in it. It happened while I was dining with my daughter and a friend at an Indian restaurant along Elizabeth Street in North Melbourne. I only noticed the loss when we were leaving the restaurant at around 8:30 pm. A couple of diners told me that there were two bogan-looking caucasians, in their middle-age, one wearing eyeglasses, who sat down right behind me. They were allegedly pretending to look at the food menu as soon as they sat down, but later when asked to order decided not to eat there, then quickly left the premises - this must have been the time when one of them could have quickly but sneakily crawled his hand and grabbed my camera bag, which was on the floor leaning beside the legs of my chair, on the right side...Sadly, there was no cctv or video cam in the premises, which could have been useful in the investigations for the police to look at...there was not any sign to caution customers to look after their valuables, either. I wonder what my rights are in this circumstances, aside from being able to report the matter to the police?
I do not remember having this kind of experience from being in Melbourne for nearly eight years now....I wonder what has happened to our society?

1 comment:

FBY said...

I feel for your loss, Luster. If that happens to me I'd be devastated!

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