24 May 2015

My trip to Hobart, Tasmania

Tasmania is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Australia. I flew to Hobart with my friend, Denise on 12 October and stayed till the 16th.  As we wandered to the beach early on the 13th to photograph the sunrise, we turned around Hampden Street and was greatly surprised to see Mt. Wellington capped with snow, the light turned yellow just a short moment after sunrise. It was so lovely to wake up and see this view:)) Luckily I had my iPhone to capture it.

Then we joined friends at Montimer Bay and photographed the night sky, it was so cold but seeing the millions of stars above me was worth it. It was a mesmerizing moment for me:))

Drove to Bruny Island and went up the lookout to photograph Adventure Bay, after feasting on naked oysters at 'Get Shucked' :))

This was taken at sunset in Tranmere.

What is a visit to Hobart without going up the summit at Mt. Wellington?

Silver Falls at Wellington Park. Taken after a sumptuous lunch at Ferntree Tavern. This is a mere 15-minute walk on a flat track from across the restaurant.

My last day, woke up at sunrise and drove to Princes Park.....Hope to visit Tasmania again to see more of its natural beauty:))

More photos from Mt. Wellington

My first sunrise in Hobart

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