23 December 2011

Let It Be...

After Suzuki Night Market, we proceeded to the beach....to chase after the sunset, it was a hot day and therefore, a beautiful night was on our way....we tried to take a different route looking for the lighthouse near port melbourne and was almost going to miss the setting of the sun at the beach...after going through what seemed to be a winding route we eventually found our way, thanks to the navman gps :-) .. we then parked along port melbourne, and as i got off, with camera in tow, i startted to feel the cool change...what a very refreshing change indeed, and here I was facing the sea once again watching one of the loveliest creations....transported away from the hustle and bustle of the city...where we just came from.

Christmas Rush 2011

Went to the city on Wednesday, it was a date with my daughters and a good friend, Nazrin. Wednesday nights are always a most awaited time, especially that the Suzuki Night Market is on (just for the summer season). So off I went after work, took the tram and landed on Flinders St. Station, the meeting place is usually at Elizabeth Street tram stop that will bring us to Victoria Market. So, while waiting for everyone else to arrive, I took this shot which tells us how busy it was at the city, this is the first time that i had seen that huge christmas greeting on the walls of Flinders Station:-)  Oh, I just could not wait to have a walk around the city and look at the christmas decors, I have noticed that the council has actually made it more special this year....I cannot wait to take those photos and blog about them!  Merry Christmas one and all!!!

Below is Naz, I had to wait a while just to have a photo of her and when I was ready, this lady came into the frame out-of-nowhere, and my, doesn't she look fashionable? Her outfit seems to match what Naz was wearing!!!

My daughter, Kim graduates from high school

Kim's HS graduation ball.....

3 December 2011

Losing a most cherished possession - my camera

Yesterday was one of my saddest days, I have lost my camera bag with my precious Canon DSLR and four lenses in it. It happened while I was dining with my daughter and a friend at an Indian restaurant along Elizabeth Street in North Melbourne. I only noticed the loss when we were leaving the restaurant at around 8:30 pm. A couple of diners told me that there were two bogan-looking caucasians, in their middle-age, one wearing eyeglasses, who sat down right behind me. They were allegedly pretending to look at the food menu as soon as they sat down, but later when asked to order decided not to eat there, then quickly left the premises - this must have been the time when one of them could have quickly but sneakily crawled his hand and grabbed my camera bag, which was on the floor leaning beside the legs of my chair, on the right side...Sadly, there was no cctv or video cam in the premises, which could have been useful in the investigations for the police to look at...there was not any sign to caution customers to look after their valuables, either. I wonder what my rights are in this circumstances, aside from being able to report the matter to the police?
I do not remember having this kind of experience from being in Melbourne for nearly eight years now....I wonder what has happened to our society?

1 December 2011

Some thoughts about life's inner meanings

on the first day of summer...
it's of course just slightly  a month after I celebrated one of my birthdays...when the sun came up later today, I could feel optimism reverberating in the air, and washed away by the rain brought by this year's earlier rainy season are bits and pieces of negativity that unwitttingly came my way...whether brought by some uncontrolled circumstances that made me react in certain ways or that little monster we call 'ego'...ah, life is a process of continuous learning, while at that moment when something bad happens, the most convenient way to avoid responsibility is merely to find fault at others, but as we mature, we start to look inwards....by doing so, we start to feel regret or laugh at those silly mistakes that we have made or might have inflicted on others whether in our actions or words, out of our own ignorance....
in restrospect, as soon as the same words and actions come back to us in the form of what others call 'karma', we are forced to change our perspectives and resolve to apply wisdom in the choices that we make....in my humble opinion, when this realization comes we become happier people, the thought becomes truly liberating - and life moves on...
the catchword is 'change'... for the better.
our sufferings do help polish the rough edges of our inner selves and by providence, they lead us to believe in a higher Being that continuously guides and protects us whenever we need such guidance and protection..
help from a higher source is always available when we resolve to gear our attachments towards noble goals...in the process, detachment from 'ego' becomes more of a natural propensity, as a result...what do we gain from this? we become more truthful, kind and merciful, and eventually becoming more understanding and tolerant of others who may be going through the difficult stages of self-discovery...hmmm, when we start to learn, we also start to feel there's much more to learn :-)

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