30 December 2010

where my heart takes me....sunset at williamstown beach

been to williamstown beach a few times previously but could not seem to get the sunset i was after...till last Tuesday when we drove there with my sister and her baby... we must have arrived right on time, must have been 8:30 pm...when the colours in the sky have just started to change... the sun was going down, slowly and lovingly, like a deliberate display of its beauty....then, a feeling of calmness invades your soul as time passed by.

as we were going home, i felt my heart was full of thankfulness to Him for the simple pleasures in life...

below is my sister with her baby as we arrived at the beach shortly before the sunset...

28 December 2010

Down by the bay....at The Strand (Hobson's Bay)

    enjoying a cool and windy summer afternoon by the bay, going for walks...

i just have this fascination with any jetty, and i love to see them in b & w

when the photos were uploaded, i was surprised the see the lone seagull in the foreground below...

27 December 2010

In search for some inspiration

It's been days since my last post... i have not had the energy to post any blogs as i have been unwell for almost a week now...most of the time i find myself just resting and taking my meds, even on christmas eve when i still had to take photos of our family celebrations in between.
however, most afternoons, i would go out with my husband for a drive either to my sisters' place or to the beach...i took a handful of photos but left them in the memory card for days till today... as we were reversing the car from my younger sister's house in Epping on the way home...these colours, at the corner of her street, simply irrissistibly caught my eye...somehow i knew i wanted to post something tonight....and maybe, more...

22 December 2010

Cold summer in Melbourne - max temp at 12 degrees

Melbourne has been experiencing low temperatures, and it's almost christmas...hmmm, it looks like we are almost approaching the middle of summer, aren't we? Yesterday in the news, pictures of snow on the mountains in Victoria were splashed on the headlines...What a dramatic change from the usual soaring temps in the summer, in the past 7 years... what could have happened? In fact, i found it too unusual to see people all rugged up in their beannies and trench coats when I went to the city tonight... nevertheless, I am enjoying every bit of it and hoping it will last, as this is my kind of weather!
The photo above was taken last weekend at a picnic by the Maribyrnong river in the western suburbs, the kids were having a go at the ice-cream that was served... we enjoyed a bit of a cool sunny afternoon after a long and heavy downpour earlier in the morning. Ah, Melbourne, your kind of weather is always so fascinating...:-))

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19 December 2010

Saturday Night - at Fed Square and Southbank

If you look at these photos you may never believe how my day was today, frantic and unpredictable , like the Melbourne weather...I would fill in a whole page if I write about it. The only consolation I had was, of course, going for a little walk in one of my favourite places which I have not actually visited for quite a while, the Southbank... 
This time we took the Metro train after leaving the car at the station from where we came from, and since the place to go for walks is just beside the station, it was the most practical thing to do... We saw a huge christmas tree across the road at Fed Square when we got off Flinders station...so, out of curiosity, we crossed the road, took a couple of photos there before walking down the steps to the Southbank where there was a huge crowd walking by... we saw some people busking, others were either taking photos or just talking or sitting on benches by the river bank.....it was so lively and lovely...for a while, I left my worries behind.

Federation Square

Australian Centre for the Moving Image -ACMI

Southbank - the Yarra River

Buskers at Flinders Station

The train which we rode home from Flinders Station

15 December 2010

you look wonderful tonight...a brief walk at Victoria Harbour

the photos in this album were taken at melbourne's victoria harbour at around 9 pm last monday, just a few minutes after sunset...it was a cool and refreshing night. initially, my hubby and i wanted to go for a walk at southbank but ended up here after we saw the beautiful colours of the sky as we were heading towards spencer street in the city, hence we diverted to the harbour, it was less crowded and we had a tranquil moment, the way we wanted the night to be...

this is my 2nd album of the night photography series. hope you like this album.

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