28 June 2012

Let the winter in!

Had fun with some friends last Sunday.....cold but jovial, they played with the leaves while I took photos....

"Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence." -Aristotle

24 June 2012

Sunday fun!

After a long dreary week of rain and freezing weather, today was sunny, still cold though and you cannot fail to see rain clouds turning grey....but nothing could stop me and my family from enjoying the day. We had lunch with my husband's niece and her young family, then we joined friends for a Baha'i feast. Kylie, our host showed us her beautiful female cat named Fufu....

17 June 2012

This weekend at Carlton Gardens

it's winter in melbourne but it still feels like autumn - the dome of the royal exhibition building

the main entrance

tourists taking snapshots of the fountain

there was also a pre-wedding photoshoot, so i took the chance of taking photos of the bride and groom as well :-)

this pair of silver shoes belong to the assistant of the photographer, i was wondering why the camera was left on the ground while he instructed the couple on how to pose?

11 June 2012

Photowalk on a rainy day...

I have just discovered a fun way to avert a seemingly dreary rainy day, and that is to go for a photowalk, with a group of friends who share the same passion for photography! And this is exactly what I did last Saturday, with my google plus friends! Bearing a large umbrella in one hand and the camera in the other, hmmm, it was not very easy at all,  but surely worth the while! And fun it was! Here's my album for the day -

 at treasury gardens...

tai chi at fitzroy gardens


 fitzroy gardens

a singaporean tourist at fitzroy gardens

a loving couple at cook's cottage at fitzroy gardens

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