26 August 2011

Melbourne City this Friday

Thanks God, It's Friday! I had such a long week...as if there is such a thing as a short week?...the weather was one of the finest, just cool and it felt so fresh....went for a walk around the city with my son, Daniel after school/work. Took him to the street art laneways, and was fascinated with the graffitti, he even had the chance to look at how they are painted.....

then as we walked along Swanston Street we saw the hulahoop man who said that he's from Korea

the city was simply lively with the crowd walking around

we also looked at an amazing painting, being done on the sidewalk of Bourke Street

and while walking on the way back to the train station, there was this group of Korean cultural dancers, they showed a sample of a dance that they were doing at a show which was happening in an hour's time along Albert Street 

then we stopped at the city square along Swanston Street

and rushed to Flinders Station to catch the 6:28 train back home....

17 August 2011

The Garden Song

My third visit to Heidi garden was unplanned... I had to send my son to Sunday School and while waiting for a couple of hours till I pick him up again... thought of going for a walk...it was right after the rain and the garden was surprisingly lovely....had a pleasant day.

13 August 2011

Drina, and her many faces

Drina, is the youngest member in my extended family, she's the youngest child of my youngest sister, that makes her my youngest niece... :-))
I had the chance to take Drina's first pictures when she was born in May last year, and has been one of my camera's favourite subjects since. Now at fourteen months, she has learned to be quite versatile in getting her way around, but most of the time we have to translate what goes on in her young mind through her actions and facial expressions and oh, I cannnot wait to hear her talk in full sentences so we can at least make sense of everything that she wants to say.....

found her hiding under the dinner table...to her suprise

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