13 October 2010

A garden wedding in Spring - at Forest Glade Garden

The spring season is something to look forward to when you are in Melbourne.The beauty of the gardens seems to speak for itself, with flowers starting to bloom and others are in full bloom, you could almost breath love in the air, the colors these flowers and the trees bring are so vivid that when you close your eyes for a moment, you can picture wonder and warmth.....in one word, inspirational! I could not wait to go for country-driving and view the mountains, rolling hills and the farm animals, or go for walks at the beaches just to watch the vibrant colours of the sunsets and their reflection on the waters, or maybe, watch the people abuzz with activities, savouring moments of brighter days and the freshness of the air...ah spring, I heart you!!!

The pictures here were taken at a garden wedding which I  attended at the Forest Glade garden in Mount Macedon, just a 90-minute drive from Melbourne city....in the spring of 2010.

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