21 July 2012


Went to Dockland's Victoria Harbour last night, Friday, with my daughter, Florence. I was simply getting excited in anticipation of the spectacular fireworks display at Bolte Bridge. Complete with my camera gear which includes a tripod, canon 5D Mark II, canon 50mm lens, and a remote control shutter release, I positioned the camera to face the middle of the bridge at the harbour near the fabled cow sculpture. Had to take public transport from work at around 5:30pm then took another tram from the city to the location. We got lost once and had to go back to the city then before winding up our way to Etihad Stadium where we saw Sandy, the channel 9 newscaster and a lot of footy fans who were there for a big footy match last night. Finally reaching at 6:30pm I had a sigh of relief as there was still a need to scout for a good vantage point to mount my tripod, etc. Then at a quarter to 7:00, a friend arrived, had a bit of a chat and then the fireworks started at 7:05pm....

17 July 2012

Growling Frog Golf Course (Whittlesea)

And what a better way to spend Sunday morning than a drive to Whittlesea, right up to the growling frog golf course....I was humming on the drive all the way. I was feeling happy that I could get away even for a little while on my own in this beautiful country setting...hmmm, I could almost hear John Denver's 'country road' being played on the radio. It rained the night before and you could feel how fresh the air was around you! Even the animals looked as if they all just had a shower and ready for a sunny day! It did feel like Sunday! I was getting more excited in anticipation of the drive down Yan Yean Reservoir/Park after....(scroll down to the next blog for pics of Yan Yean)

Yan Yean Reservoir/Park and Surrounds (Whittlesea)

Just thought a visit to my favourite getaway was long overdue, so last Sunday morning I took a drive to Yan Yean Reservoir and Park in Whittlesea, it was a quiet drive as I was alone this time and also because most people would have still been sleeping-in... looking around at the greenery continuously made me feel so refreshed....

6 July 2012

Google+ Anniversary Photowalk (30 June 2012)

Photographers from all walks of life - amateurs, professionals, and hobbyists gathered at Scienceworks car park in Spotswood on Saturday 30 June, to celebrate the Google+ anniversary by a photowalk spanning an area that took 3 hours on a leisurely walk from Spotswood to Williamstown. The day was sunny but cold, creating some very interesting and dramatic cloud formations, the sky was blue, and there were many fishermen on the shores. There was a minute or two of heavy downpour, washing away the pollutants that clogged the air and made for a fresh look of the whole beach scene. Here is my album taken on the day, in black and white. Scroll down for Part 2 of the album (in colour).

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