29 November 2010

On Lotus Pond - buddhist temple gardens

this time i visited the buddhist temple in reservoir in the northern suburbs... i still remember it was just last winter when my husband and i went there and found the lotus pond bare, the monk who saw us then said that the flowers usually come out either in spring or autumn, so i kept that in mind.....it was drizzling when i arrived there, waited for a while for the rain to stop then i started walking towards the gardens, i was alone i guess, because it was raining and of course, the state election was going on and everyone must be either in the voting centres or holed up in their own homes..... there were a lot of flowers floating on the pond, either yellow or white, i was hoping to find some purple ones, which is my favourite colour....took a few shots then it started raining again, ah, it's time to go before i soak....

"the lotus is called Nelumbo, sole member of botanical species Nelumbonaceae, it consists of only two kinds, Asian and American...

Because they emerge from slime and corruption, then grow up through the purifying water to emerge into the sunlight, they are seen as metaphors for the development of the individual being towards enlightenment. The flower stands for renunciation of the entanglements of samsara, and for the pure aspiration that is the desire for enlightenment for the sake of others."  (www.khandro.net)

27 November 2010

A glimpse of the yarra river - at studley park, kew

it's on saturdays when i really get very busy, having to work five days a week, the weekends are mostly spent catching up on a lot of things outside work.  however, it doesn't mean i cannot squeeze in some time to wander about, hehe... which i usually do, whether with the family or alone....so while sending the kids to piano/guitar lessons, my mind starts to race for a place to go for a walk and take some photos, somewhere that will take at least less than an hour to go, and still be on time to do the rest of what needs to be done such as picking up kids, cooking, shopping, attending dental or medical appointments, and the list goes on... nevertheless, one has to take all these with a grain of salt and still be happy, after all life is what we make it!
anyway....one fine saturday, i found myself at studley park in fairfield. a place which i and my family used to visit on  sunny weekends, it's just about fifteen minutes' drive from where i was then.....
from where i parked the car there's a hanging bridge to cross the other side of the river where a boathouse stands. we usually sit by the shed while  munching sandwiches and have coffee, while waiting for our turn to ride the boats. this day i met a mother and her child having fun feeding the birds and ducks, there was also a wedding to be held by the river, while groups of friends, and kids with moms and dads started paddling their boats....hmmm, one of the days i really love! whew, i was running late to pick the kids up!

25 November 2010

A Magical Moment - at St Kilda beach

the day was fine and warm. my husband and i decided to go to the beach for a walk. we wanted to try a new place to watch the sunset, so we drove further up from where we usually go from port melbourne and found a parking space by the beach near to st. kilda pier. there was not much of a crowd yet when we started walking by the shore. i cannot believe that we have not been here before, this was our first time to stop while in the past we usually just go for a drive and watch the scenery from the main road! but here we go...

the people who were waiting for the penguins to come out as it gets dark....

the historical kiosk

Sweet Baby Drina

 A photo shoot with my little niece Drina who will be seven months old in a few days. 

"Look at everything as though you are seeing it for the first time, with eyes of a child, fresh with wonder." 
~Joseph Cornell

The photo below is after her feed of a healthy lunch of pureed chicken, rice, corn and  veggies.

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