25 October 2010

Meeting with photographic club

I was a bit late for the meeting of the photographic club tonight but was able to catch up with most of the reports and discussions. The highlight of the night was the presentation of a famous photographer from Melbourne, Matt Irwin (www.mattirwin.com). He showed us some of his favourite shots and briefly related how he came to develop a passion for photography, spanning more than twenty years of his life. I was quite impressed with his presentation and learned  things about what makes a good shot - that regardless of the technicalities applied, it's the drama and the story behind a shot that makes it a good one. His talk was called 'The meaning of light'. "Light is perhaps the most important element in picture composition.  I could not fully describe the excitement that one feels when an opportunity to take a good shot arises and when it does, one has to drop eveything and stop to capture that moment, as much as you can..."
In general, it was an inspirational night.

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