1 February 2011

along the shores of corio bay- western beach, geelong

i was so excited about the public holiday which fell last wednesday, australia day...the weather was fine, and two of my sisters, their husbands and some of their kids came with me and my two kids. i thought that the best place to bring them was somewhere not far from melbourne...geelong is just 75 northwest from the city, noted for its beautiful beach view, clean and vibrant environment...first, we explored western beach where we went on a boat cruise along corio bay from cunningham pier, had some food at the stalls set up for the weeklong festival for 'victoria week' and then the kids had fun swimming at eastern beach..as we drove home i overheard my brother-in-law saying how much he would like to spend another day in geelong... what a very pleasant day!

cunningham pier

 corio bay

we rode this boat on  a cruise along corio bay from the jetty beside cunningham pier

 beside cunningham pier

i love taking photos of a lone seagull

took this photo while on the boat cruise heading towards eastern beach

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