18 March 2011

The train ride to Ballarat

I was looking forward to the public holiday last Monday, it was labour day. It's been awhile since I've gone to Ballarat, four years to be exact, and with the Begonia Festival being held over the long weekend, I had a good reason to visit the place. Ballarat is 110 kms northwest of Melbourne.
My husband and I decided to take the VLine train which is just an hour-and-a half ride, and on arrival at the station a bus takes the passengers straight to the festival. I was kinda excited going on a day trip especially on such a cool and fine day, what more could I ask for?
I will post the shots taken at the Begonia Fest at a later time. Meanwhile,  here's what kept me awake on the train ride, the country sceneries on the way to Ballarat.
By the way, the quality of the pictures might have been compromised by the fact that I was sitting inside a moving train, but managed to adjust the settings of the camera...and learnt something from a seemingly difficult situation, photography-wise :-))

"The city is the world of the body, the country is the world of the soul..."

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