3 July 2011

Snippets of my trip to Manila Part 2- breathtaking Tagaytay

This is probably my first visit to Tagaytay, 55 kms south of Manila,  a two-hour drive depending on the traffic in Manila. I went there with my two sisters, a cousin and my sister's friend who was kind enough to drive us down in his car, after a sumptous lunch in Sta. Rosa, Laguna hosted by another lovely cousin.

At picnic grove, you can get a breathtaking view of Taal Lake and Volcano 

the place has a zip line and cable car for the adventurous

a boy with a wild cat for sale, just P2000 (pesos) or AUD45.

you can see that this couple was about to break-up in Tagaytay, i overheard them arguing while taking photos of the volcano

a tourist shop

overlooking the hanging bridge

my cousin walking nervously on the hanging bridge

a nice hat to try on

1 comment:

bmt (jvalvero) said...

i really like the caption of the couple...ak huna ngani nanhul-ga an girl nga umambak...hahaha

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