22 September 2011

Kim is Eighteen - isn't she?

Kim has turned eighteen, and as her mother, I still could not believe how fast she has grown! She was looking forward to that day where she prepared for a couple of celebrations, though low-key in both... in this one she spent with family and relatives, while her friends organized a karaoke party on the following weekend....my mother baked a beautiful double-layered mud cake that was simply soooo delicious that one just could not get enough of it, her own recipe includes almond meal as one of the ingredients...simply finger-lickin!
my dear darling Kim, many many happy returns of the day and may you be blessed throughout with a happy and fruitful life!


Amber Crumer said...

Your kids have indeed grown, but you shouldn't be feeling old, these women are beautiful just like you. :)

lusterl said...

thanks, amber :-))

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