1 June 2012

The girl who touched my heart in a special way.

As I was going through my photos, this one brings me back to rethink about life...and I strongly felt that this must be shared...I started by posting this on my Facebook wall.

This is a story of a girl whose young life never ceased to haunt my innermost being. I met her at a cemetery where my beloved father was buried in Manila, while my sisters and I went to lay bouquet of flowers and lit candles a day after Dad was laid to rest.
I could not help but look at her with curiosity as she played on the tombs, jumping about as if the graveyard was her playground. Quite unusual, isn't it? I caught her attention when I aimed my camera at her and she started to blush when I asked if I could take her photo, she looked a bit afraid, as if she did not trust a stranger like me. But it only took a little while after she settled on one of the tombs and shyly posed for me. This girl told me later that her family lived in the cemetery and that she's got friends and relatives living there, too. This is the only life she knew. This photo is a tribute to her and all the other homeless children who may have shared the same fate as this girl.
Thank you for reading her story.

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