23 December 2013

Sunday Morning at Yan Yean (Whittlesea) in Summer

Yan Yean Reservoir and Park and up the hill at the Growling Frog Golf Course are just ones of my favourite getaway places in Whittlesea. I go there every season, whenever I just want to run away from the city or just to refresh my mind... This time I went with my best photography buddy, Marge. We wanted to go there to meet the sunrise, but instead we were met by kangaroos, what a lovely surprise!

Marge, one of my most favourite photos of her:))

a family enjoying a barbie by the lake

the bird house 

the neighbourhood wishing passersby a merry christmas:))

surrounds...I was hoping to see a horse by the shed

sunrise at growling frog golf course

there was a little rainspawn at the golf course that morning

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