9 March 2014

A visit to Tieve Tara's charming cottage (Mt. Macedon)

Judith and John, thank you very much for giving me so much inspiration. I am humbled by your magnanimity in friendship. You give me lovely memories of your little paradise of a garden which are etched in my mind and heart forever.

Today, I brought my mother for a ride to my most favourite garden in Mt. Macedon, Tieve Tara garden...I have visited it many times in the past couple of years, but each visit is like a pleasant surprise, as it always looks different in the most lovely way. Beauty is spiritual in nature if it is a labour of love. I personally believe Tieve Tara is a labour of love. Many of us who visit this dream garden will say they can never get enough of its charm. I am visiting it again in late April to photograph the autumn colours.
This time, I had the chance to photograph the cottage.

You may also visit my other posts of Tieve Tara here. Thanks a lot.

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