13 April 2011

Somewhere in time - at Mt. Eliza/Frankston Beach

Spending Monday outside work is such a welcomed change, especially that there will be three more Mondays (and tues, wed, thurs, fri) when I don't have to wake up early to prepare lunches and get to work - 'sleep-in' is the word... The kids are also on their school break, which also means I get to spend time with them :-))  Just today, we have lovely guests from Malaysia, whom we haven't met for at least five years....it's such a joy meeting them at the airport and bringing them around....and because they're here for just a few days we've got to ensure their stay will be as memorable as possible...but, oh no, it started raining cats and dogs today.....but wait,  the sun was kind enough to peek through even for just a while this afternoon which brought us to an unplanned drive on one of our favourite places, the beach road...where we discovered Mt. Eliza along the way after  heading off to Frankston beach, which is more than an hour's drive south-east from the city...
we had at least a good two hours of fine weather before it started raining again and off we went.....back home for a another rainy night with dinner of steaming hot focaccia cheese ripiana, roast pork, rice and salads.

Here is my album from Mt. Eliza :-))

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