4 August 2012

Melbourne Open House 2012

Once a year on the last weekend in July, Melbourne City opens its iconic and famous buildings for two days, on a Saturday and Sunday. My daughter and I went last Sunday for at least four hours, and what can you visit in that short time? Some of the buildings have long queues lasting for an hour or two, while others needed a ticket or even a ballot for you to get in. Enthusiastic photographers and tourists, usually go for the two days, and yet a day can only cover at least four to six buildings, therefore you will again plan to go for the other places the year after.

The places we visited were the Hamer Hall building of the Arts Centre in St. Kilda Road, Melbourne Town Hall where photography was not allowed, the Jewish Synagogue, and then spent a few minutes at Windsor Hotel. My most favourite was dressing room #34 at Hamer Hall where the personal belongings and props belonging to famous actors in the distant past of the theater were displayed. It was my first time to be in an actual dressing room in a theatre, so the half-an-hour queue to get in was worthwhile.

It was such a cold day but nothing dampened the enthusiasm of the crowd that went around the city...

the Chinese busker outside Hamer Hall

Hamer Hall

The mime at Hamer Hall

 Dressing Room no. 34 at Hamer Hall

Looking at Hamer Hall from the princes bridge


head art, at Flinders St

walking along Swanston St

Looking at Manchester Unity building from the balcony of Melbourne Town Hall

the character at the Town Hall

Inside the Jewish Synagogue

Jewish Synagogue

main hall of the Jewish Synagogue

 Having fun balancing at Spring St

 Swanston St

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