19 December 2010

Saturday Night - at Fed Square and Southbank

If you look at these photos you may never believe how my day was today, frantic and unpredictable , like the Melbourne weather...I would fill in a whole page if I write about it. The only consolation I had was, of course, going for a little walk in one of my favourite places which I have not actually visited for quite a while, the Southbank... 
This time we took the Metro train after leaving the car at the station from where we came from, and since the place to go for walks is just beside the station, it was the most practical thing to do... We saw a huge christmas tree across the road at Fed Square when we got off Flinders station...so, out of curiosity, we crossed the road, took a couple of photos there before walking down the steps to the Southbank where there was a huge crowd walking by... we saw some people busking, others were either taking photos or just talking or sitting on benches by the river bank.....it was so lively and lovely...for a while, I left my worries behind.

Federation Square

Australian Centre for the Moving Image -ACMI

Southbank - the Yarra River

Buskers at Flinders Station

The train which we rode home from Flinders Station

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