22 December 2010

Cold summer in Melbourne - max temp at 12 degrees

Melbourne has been experiencing low temperatures, and it's almost christmas...hmmm, it looks like we are almost approaching the middle of summer, aren't we? Yesterday in the news, pictures of snow on the mountains in Victoria were splashed on the headlines...What a dramatic change from the usual soaring temps in the summer, in the past 7 years... what could have happened? In fact, i found it too unusual to see people all rugged up in their beannies and trench coats when I went to the city tonight... nevertheless, I am enjoying every bit of it and hoping it will last, as this is my kind of weather!
The photo above was taken last weekend at a picnic by the Maribyrnong river in the western suburbs, the kids were having a go at the ice-cream that was served... we enjoyed a bit of a cool sunny afternoon after a long and heavy downpour earlier in the morning. Ah, Melbourne, your kind of weather is always so fascinating...:-))

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