4 January 2011

Korean Food - in Russell Street (Melbourne CBD)

Had a walk at the city to bring my niece to Korean shops as she wanted to buy CD's/DVD's and posters of her favourite artists...so to complete the experience, her Mom also brought her/us to a Korean restaurant and then to the grocery for some Korean snacks!

That's my niece, starting to eat the appetizers, made of pickled vegetables

and my son, who could not wait to eat the grilled spicy chicken

which was cooked in a special pan placed on the center of the table, the waitress has to do the cooking though...

then we were served the stir-fried potato noodles with beef and veggies

the other dish is called grilled pork-belly but the photo did not come out clear, so i could not post it here...we were also served platters of kimchi, pickled cabbage and cucumbers, bowls of rice and sesame oil for flavouring...

and we downed what we ate with korean green tea flavoured with roasted rice, it tasted so good...green tea has always been my favourite.

and that's my sister's baby, and the lovely waitress who served us.

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