6 January 2011

Something that fascinates me - Windsocks, they are called!

I have been trying to capture these 'objects' many times before till one afternoon while on the way home from my sisters place in deer park...we're driving along ballarat road approaching the freeway entrance to the western ring road... it must have been new year's day because the road was free from traffic...and we had the chance to stop the car for a minute or two and, here they go!
By the way, the freeway is close to the Melbourne International Airport.

Wikipedia defines -
A windsock is a conical textile tube designed to indicate wind direction and relative wind speed. Windsocks typically are used at airports and at chemical plants where there is risk of gaseous leakage. They are sometimes located alongside highways at windy locations.
Wind direction is the opposite of the direction in which the windsock is pointing (note that wind directions are conventionally specified as being the compass point from which the wind originates; so a windsock pointing due north indicates a southerly wind). Windspeed is indicated by the windsock's angle relative to the mounting pole; in low winds, the windsock droops; in high winds it flies horizontally.At many airports, windsocks are lighted at night, either by flood lights on top surrounding it or with one mounted on the pole shining inside it.

1 comment:

Ping said...

so these are windsocks....thnx for the info...intersting indeed :)

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