13 January 2011

stalking the light - at The Homestead

It seems to me that light and shadow play a great role in photography, and in my personal opinion they bring some magical effects in the subjects that you capture. You can instantly see how my eyes glitter when I see the right amount of light and shadow in places I go...how i love the light, whether natural or from any other sources...this could also be symbolic...

these photos were taken last weekend, inside the Homestead building in woodlands historical park which dates back to 1830. my daughter was a willing subject in this first photo below.

 the corridor to the display rooms to the right 

the corner in the piano room

and below is the entrance to the building from the walking track. the natural light outside was not harsh at all even at noontime, it was just so refreshing to the eyes...maybe because it was a cold day and was  about to rain later in the evening.

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