13 November 2010

a badly needed sleep-in

it's a saturday, anyway, and i am not working...i badly needed a sleep-in after a hard week's work. aah, it feels like i never worked so hard in my life.....but hey, i say this almost every single week in the last three months! but it's true,  when the body is tired so is the mind, and i guess, the heart...otherwise i could have gone places like going for a road trip, watched a movie, strolled around the city, and snapped hundreds and hundreds of photos, without any rush...but ah, i just could not be bothered, i felt like all i wanted to do was rest, rest and rest! when i start to feel this way, i almost always lose interest in doing a lot of things and i guess, it's worrying me. so, last night i told myself not to make plans for the morning, instead get that much needed rest....zzzzzz, zzzzzz, zzzzz. i must have gone into a deep, deep slumber because i still recall my dreams vividly. i must have been gazing long enough at photos of my hometown which a friend posted on facebook ealier that the scenes in those shots came out in my dreams as if i was there....what could this mean? have i been subconsciously longing to visit my birthplace which i haven't seen in the past twenty years...???
i woke up at around ten this morning, to the sound of raindrops. i was thinking that perhaps i could try my camera with photos of a rainy day....maybe, later.

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