1 November 2010

the eve of Cup Day

Melbourne is so vibrant as usual on the eve of the (horse) races famously dubbed Cup Day, everyone is busy preparing and/or planning their activities for the day, being a public holiday. This most-awaited event is always held on the first Tuesday of November. Women who will watch the races live at Flemington race course will be wearing their best outfit on the day and a matching hat is a must, this happens only once a year so everyone tries to don their best clothes, including the men.
Others have taken a long weekend from last Saturday whether they've gone on holiday overseas, on a road trip, just relaxing at home, or trying to catch up with work at home. Tomorrow, some families will be seen having picnics at the park, provided it is not raining, while others will go for the usual barbecue get-together with friends or families.  I will be with my sisters for lunch before watching the big race on the telly. Hmmm, for me, it's more of an excuse to establish bonds with the family once again!

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