16 November 2010

picnic at the park

Going for picnics at the park is very much a part of Australian life. Victoria, in general, cannot be left behind when it comes to picnic and play facilities, hence it is dubbed as the garden state of Australia. There is a park at almost every corner from where you live and a sunny day is enough of an excuse to grab the picnic basket and head for the park, especially in summer and spring. Facilites include play equipments for kids, barbecue pits, either with firewood or electricity, lakes with swans, ducks and a variety of birds for kids and adults who enjoy feeding them.  In most parks,there are sheds with tables and benches with water taps next to them in case they need to wash hands, pots and pans. For the exercise enthusiasts, walking and running tracks are designed for everyone to enjoy their activities in a safe and peaceful environment, while a big field is handy for those who love sports. Hmmm, I am thinking of going to the park this evening, wait, I have to look at my list and maybe go somewhere different.....or should I head for the beach, instead?
These photos were taken during a picnic which I attended recently, a ten-minute drive from home.

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