14 November 2010

A not-so-quiet Sunday

This is the kind of Sunday that I always look forward to... Just because it was raining that spending more time at home just lazing around was not much of a choice. Well, I had to go out for a little while to the city late this morning to buy my son's books for his new school in Grade 7 next year and therefore had a bit of a walk along Swanston Street. Parking in the city is not much to be desired for, aside from its being pricey, places are quite limited, too. We managed to find an hour's parking right next to Melbourne Central Station shopping mall and we could never be luckier cause it's free-of-charge on Sundays. We then proceeded through the short-cut in the mall  to the book shop. There were a lot of people walking along the streets, I saw some groups busking, and there was a long queue outside Myer store where the traditional christmas window was being shown, there were a lot of kids tagged along by their moms and dads. As soon as I got excited about the show, my husband had to remind me that our parking limit is just an hour, so we do not have the time to watch it and had to walk back to the car immediately. I had the chance to take a few shots of the city before we headed home...and oh, I saw a real, moving human statue in Bourke Street! (photos posted above)
Dropped by an asian grocery to shop for some vegetables to cook for lunch on the way home. I made a grilled eggplant dish and fried smoked trout, which we ate with rice. Spent the rest of the day watching tv, do a bit of housework, read emails, and finally cooked dinner made of Hainanese chicken rice and salads on the side.

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